Turning my storm into someone else's rainbow
Turning my storm into someone else's rainbow
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We had a bit of a scare on Saturday.

Warning: Graphic post ahead

S is for scary.




Since our last failed transfer (in May) I have only had one full menstrual cycle....in June.

Before IVF, my cycle was like clockwork, every 29 days. I have been having spotting on and off for about the last month.

Saturday afternoon I began experiencing abdominal pain, but only on the left side. It was stronger than normal cramps, and reminded me a bit of the ovarian cysts I have had rupture in the past, but not as bad. I had some leftover Norco from egg retrieval last October, so I took one, and waited for the pain to subside.

Around the same time, I began heavily bleeding. Being 29 years old, I would say I've had my fair share of periods. I've even had 3 post-hormonal injection periods, and none have ever come close to this.

Possible TMI....I filled a tampon AND a pad in an hour. Since starting this process, the doctors have always insisted that if it woman soaks through a pad in an hour, they need to go to the Emergency Room.

I really didn't want to go. I waited another hour, hoping for different results. The bleeding eased up some, so I waited longer. The cramping was not getting any better. At the 3 hour mark, things seemed to have calmed down, and I decided I was fine, aside from the cramping. The heating pad, fetal position and some pressure *seemed* to be helping.

I spent the next few hours trying to convince myself I didn't need to go. It was getting better. I can wait to see a regular doctor. I've been poked and prodded so much already. If I stay distracted, it doesn't hurt as much. My period was overdue. It couldn't be too serious.

Around 10:30pm I decided I was NOT okay. I messaged back and forth with my mom trying to decide what to do.

Shortly after 11, mom drove me to the ER. She helped me into a wheelchair, and I pulled my left leg up to my chest, with one hand putting pressure against my left side.

Triage was fast. Getting in to a room was fast. Changing into a gown, not so much. The nurse put down two layers of absorbent pads. I soaked through both.

Chad showed up not long after I was sent back. Blood was drawn, lab tests were run to rule out anemia and any other deficiencies. Next came a pelvic exam. The Dr. seemed concerned by the amount of blood I had lost. He was very apologetic of both the pelvic exam and ultrasound. The ultrasound tech apologized for "pressing so hard", but surprisingly both ovaries cooperated.

I joked that after IVF that stuff doesn't even phase me anymore. Blood draws and ultrasounds every 2 days will do that to you.

After more waiting, and FINALLY some relief from IV pain meds, we got an answer. My lining was 23mm thick! That's nearly double the ideal lining thickness for embryo transfer. For the average women, during their period, your lining is 2-4mm. I was told I would be okay, but that this was going to be a VERY heavy period.

It was a relief, but I felt silly for going in. It reminded me of an episode of "Brace Face" where Alden calls an ambulance the first time Sharon gets her period. Chad, the Dr. and nurse both reassured me that coming in was the right thing to do in this situation. As we walked out to the car, almost pain free, I decided the pain meds alone were worth the trip.

I slept until 11:30 the next day, and played couch potato for the rest of the long weekend. I started out today feeling okay, ready to work, but then ended up in the recliner with a heating pad. It's 11pm as I'm finishing up this post, 3.5 days later, and I am just now starting to feel okay again.

Sometimes, I wish I were a man.

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