Turning my storm into someone else's rainbow
Turning my storm into someone else's rainbow
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05.22.2012 - First date

01.01.2014 - She said YES

10.12.2014 - We do

10.27.2014 - Let's start a family

In August of 2017, after 3+ years TTC, we were referred to Oregon Reproductive Medicine. After more testing, we were told our only chance of starting a family was IVF.

12 eggs were retrieved in October of 2017. 9 fertilized. CCS testing resulted in 3 genetically normal embryos. Our first embryo was transferred in January of 2018. The due date would have been our 4th Wedding Anniversary.
In February 2018, for her 29th birthday, we found out that our little embaby had failed to implant. FET #2 was on Chad's 40th birthday. The due date would be Michaela's 30th Birthday. We once again received negative beta results. We decided to do the ERA test.

In May of 2019, the results from the ERA showed post-receptive, meaning we had missed the window for implantation. We decided to take a much needed break from this process, both physically and emotionally.

In early 2020, we decided to get a second opinion. We met with Dr. Wu at OHSU Fertility, felt like it was a better fit for us and our journey, and decided to switch clinics. We are impatiently awaiting our 2nd egg retrieval.